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This section is devoted to Add-In Games for the Algebra FX2.0 & 2.0 plus, Graph 100 users may be able to use them as well but I dont have one so i dont know. To use these games your calculator must have flash memory, you must have a Fa-122 or Fa-123 cable, and you must have the Add-In Installer which can be found in the Add-In Programs section.

English Add-Ins
Program Name Description Programmer Rating Download
Platinum Edition A version of the old arcade game Invaders, this game features shields, money, weapons, speed settings, and multiple enemy types. It was created by a programmer who made a simmilar game for the TI. Patrick Davidson #####
Scorch This is a two to six player game that you can play by yourself and still be intertained, it is derived from the game Scorched Earth for the computer and has a Worms Armageddon like setup with: lots of weapons, multiplayer, the ability to move arround, and a money system for buying goodies(NUKES). Duobab #####
Boxworld 2 My personal opinon of these kind of games is that they are boring, but if you like puzzle games then this is the best I've seen for a calculator. Duobab ###+
Tunnel This game reminds me of the raceing game for the TI, it has speed settings and is fairly intresting. Don't Hit The Walls! Duobab ###+
Pong I haven't acctually played this one yet, but it gets good ratings at other sites. I'll play and rate it soon.(I'm not shure if its in english) Whyp Not rated
Eagle Fighter This is a flying/shooting game that is fairly fun to play, however it could use a little work. To play you need to creat a BASIC file that is exactly 98 bytes (can have anything in it) and must be named Z EF SCR. There is one major bug that I have knoticed, If you have too many BASIC files the program cannot find the Z EF SCR file, and so will not run. Jarek 'Roeoender' Wosik ####
Platinum Edition 2 This new version of Platnum Edition is increadable, it has grayscale features, lots of enemies, and new power-ups. One bad thing is that it seems to have a definite ending, and it is much to short (this may not be, I might just keep getting killed at the same spot). Patrick Davidson #####
Cyclobal This is an arcade like game with speed settings and multiple levels, the object is to navigate the ball to the end of the screen without crashing. The ball moves forward continusly and by pressing any button (except ESC) you can make the ball ascend into the air, when it is pressed again, or the ball reaches a certin height, it decends again. Par Gathering #####
Super Bomberman Probably the best game made for the Algebra FX series, Super Bomberman has: full grayscale, tons of maps, lots of items, great graphics and animations, and a plentitude of options. However its still in the developement stage but is fully playable. One of the games best features is that it has the capability to be modified, its author will shortly be releasing Add-ons for it that will add new features and levels to the game. CasioMax ##########

French Add-Ins
Program Name Description Programmer Rating Download
Serpent This is a worm/nibbles game that is fairly good, it has quite a few options and a story mode that has multiple levels. If you dont speak french dont worry about it, everything is fairly self-evedent. Jujuxiii ####
Tarot A Tarot card program, now your calculator can tell your future. QUARANTA ##
Taz A remake of Tazmainia Story, very addictive. In French but easy to understand. Unknown ####
Glider The object of this game is to manuver your glider past various obsticals, using thermals to lift you into the air. Short, but fun. Unknown ##+
Winderx3 Another snake game, this one has good grayscale effects though. One bad thing is that the keypress reactions are laggy. Unknown ###+
Space Invaders This is like platnum in french. The game moves fast, the graphics are good, and 5 difrent weapons. The bad thing is that it gets old quick. Na-Prod #####