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Now there is FINALY a freeze bug for the FX2, I discoverded this bug accidentally while making a game, and I dont have a clue why it works.

simpily run this program then wait about 3 seconds and the calculator will freeze, to exit the program hit the "p" button or remove a battery and turn the calculator on, you mut press AC quickly after the calculator turns on, or it will freeze again.

Download Code

View Code (updated)

If anyone has any clue about why this bug happens then please contact me, from the experiments I've done so far I've found that any change in the program code (except things in " ") or any change in the size of the program makes it stop working.


Any information on if this bug works would be greatly appreciated. Mohamed, webmaster of the Algebrafx2 site tested it on his calculator and it didnt work, It may be that the bug only works on the FX2.0 and not the 2.0 Plus.


No, the bug works only on the original FX2, it does not work on the FX2 plus, I dont know if works on the Graph 100. Also, there was an error on the View Code page which is now fixed.