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Program Names Program Description Size Programmer Rating Download
Bounce Extream This game is like an old arcade game, the object is to place a bouncing ball in a box near the top of the screen using a paddle that can be moved all over the screen and can be rotated by pressing the shift button. 2799 Jake Finley ####+
Galaxan I went all out on this one, anyone who remembers the old asteroids game for the CFX series will love this game, instead of just avoiding the stars scattered arround the screen now you must avoid planets as well. The object is to reach the oppisite end of the screen without hitting any thing, you have two weapons: Shift clears an area all arround you while Control Warps you to a random place on the screen. The big thing about this program is that it can be 'modded' (modified) everything from the levels and weapons to the way you move can be changed, even the game version is updated with each new mod added. Mods are programs made specially to run with this game, you can build your own or download pre-made ones. Galaxan comes with G-NORM which is the default mod for the game, it is well commented so that you can see how to make your own mods. For questions or asistance please E-Mail me. BIG Jake Finley ######
Runner This is an odd sort of puzzle game, the object is to reach the exit door, but to do that you have to press switches, go through doors, and climb ladders (use the Shift key). I'm working on a way to raise its replay value. 2799 Jake Finley ####+