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WELCOME, you are now at what I hope will become the fastest-growing, largest, and most visited Casio Calulator site on the web.

Last Updated: Febuary 19, 2003

To keep this site constantly updated untill it is physically imposible, Casio goes out of business (or otherwise ceases to make calculators), I die, the world ends, or I am forced to stop (I dont know why I would be, but just in case...).

In the event that one of the above happens I will do my best to find someone to take my place.

Any time it will become impossible to update this site for any length of time I will post a notice in the News page.

This site currently supports two diffrent calculator series, the Algebra FX series and the CFX9--- series, particularly these two models:

All games and programs on this site can be run on one (or both) of these two models, this does not limit them to these models but rather guarantees that they will run on these models. (I know because I have them)

All games, programs,exc... have been marked according to compatiblity, meaning that if they are know not to work with a particular model then it will be duely noted.

Two types of files are availabe for download for each game/progam these are the TXT and CAT formats. Add-ins come in either CFX or EXE files. Some programs may have other download types.

Make shure to check the FAQs section for other question you may have, if you can not find the answer in the FAQs section PLEASE E-MAIL ME and I will send you a response and post both question and answer on the FAQs page.

If you notice something wrong with my site, or have a suggestion on how to make it better please feel free to E-mail me.

If you cant find a certain game anywhere or would like a coustom made game then E-mail me and I will attempt to find/create it.

Visit the Translation section to find out information on games that I am currently translating into english or will be shortly.

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