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Ok, Lydonia is about ready for a Beta release, however it is to big to run on all but the newest models. Within a week I will post a Beta release on this page, but be warned Lydonia consists of 25 programs ranging anywhere from 30-6000 bytes.


Lydonia is composed of arround 30 programs designed to act like functions do in C++, in other words, anything I had to use more than once I made a program for and simply called that program instead of retyping the code (program "/P" is three lines of code used to pause the game untill [EXE] is pressed).

This method of programing allowed me to save enormous amounts of space and let me do some things I've never seen done with BASIC before.

Program List

Name Size
  2. /B.STATS
  3. /BATTLE
  4. /CONT
  5. /DASH
  6. /ERASE
  7. /FLOOR
  8. /HOUSE
  9. /ITEM
  10. /NEW
  11. /P
  12. /REGRAPH
  13. /REM
  14. /RUN1
  15. /RUN2
  16. /S.BATTL
  17. /SAVE
  18. /SETUP
  19. /SHOPS
  20. /SPELLS
  21. /STAGE1
  22. /STAGE2
  23. /STATS
  24. /TEXT
  25. /TREE


This is included with the game:

There was a sudden knocking at the door near supper time. After a brief moment Jonathan rose from his seat and went to the door, which he first cracked, then opened wide as he recognized his guest.
"Nathan! Welcome back." he said, ushering the old man in. "it's been a long while since you left to petition the king." he continued.
"indeed it has my boy, longer than you will ever know." said Nathan. "I've been on quite a journey."
"Well tell me about it, did you see the king? will he send soldiers to protect us?" asked Johnathan.
"Nathan fingered a small white disk as he replied: "No, I didnt see the king, and he wouldnt send soldiers even if I had."
"But how could he refuse to help us when each day more people are killed by the monsters?" asked Johnathan.
"Easy!" the old man said, "He would refuse because the problem has already been solved."
"What! How?" asked Jonathan. "How is that posible?"
"Well sit down, and I guess I'll tell you all about it."
Nathan began: "Long ago there were forged 8 great talismans, in each was placed the essences of their makers. The 8 talismans became distilled over the years, retaining only the strongest of their makers traits. The Talismans were: Zelone- Wisdom, Endural- Stamina, Arcanst- Magic, Stromglad- Defence, Aethisir- Accuarcy, Mycrist- Evasion, Strengol- Evil.
The last talisman, Strengol, talisman of evil is the most powerfull of all. By its very nature it is more versatle than any of the others, for evil is composed of many atributes: Hate, deception, violence, all contribute to the forces of evil. Also, evil derives power from the other Talismans because they can all be used for evil.
However, Zelone, talisman of wisdom is not a part of Strengol's power, for evil is by nature foolish. It quickly became apparent that Strengol posed a threat to all life, so the other 7 talismans were used to intomb Strengol in heart of the mountian. So it was for a thousand years. two mounts ago trouble began springing up all over the place, but the center of the trouble seemed to be Mt. Strega, the place where strengol is buried. Survivors who made it out of the area told the story.
Apparently someone had got their hands on Strengol, and was using it to reak havoc. When I reached the palace I learned that one young man had volenteered to put an end to the evil, this is his story..."


Total Size: 28906
Game Type: RPG, sidescrolling
Draw Style: Graphical, Monocrome
Model: Algebra FX2.0 or higher
Language: Casio BASIC
Battle System: Turn based with up to 3 enemys at once

Special Features

Realistic climbing feature allows you to climb any trees or other objects you may incounter.

Solid walls to prevent errors and direct the flow of the game.

Jumping and dashing ablilities allow you to reach otherwise inaccsesablle areas.

Sidescrolling movement in main game and all-directional movement in buildings.

Can climb off the top of the the screen to reach new areas.

Falling down pits causes reduction in health, but falling down from a higher screen does not.

Can equip two weapons at a time, one in each hand.

Can choose which hand you favor, the weapon in the other hand suffers a stat reduction.

Progression in the quest opens up new areas, as time passes some things change (ex: Trees grow or are cut down).

Battle system includes: 3x3 board to move arround on (another for enemy), obstructions can be placed on the battlefield which can hinder movement and attacks (based on MegaMan Battle Network 2), all weapons and spells have specified ranges as do enemys, Anger meter slowly fills durring battle (cumulative), when full stats are raised for 1 battle.

When making your character you can select a Specialty (bonus in stats), Skill (automatic use in battle), and personality type (determins critical hit / Anger meter ratio).

Variable save files, you can select how many save files you want to have to suit your own prefrences and the memory of your calculator (each file consists of 75 cells in Mat L).

Unistall feature allows you to effectivly remove all data used by the program except for the other programs.

Program Coding

As I stated above I created Lydonia to like be like a C++ program, Each of the programs that begin with a "/" are equivalent to C++ functions while LYDONIA functions as the main(). Some, such as the /ITEM program return values which can be used however the progam calling it needs to.
I posted this section of the page because this particular method of BASIC programing is extreamly efective, not only does it save space it also increases program speed by reducing the size of individual programs. Therefore I suggest any programmers intending to make a game in BASIC use this method to increase the quality of their games.

Beta Version to be relased soon.