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May 18,2002 Crimson Casio officially founded. All links opperational but without much content. Success in image preloading, signifigantly reducing loading time. Construction of all Add-in sections and Links section expected to be done by next day.
May 19,2002 The Add-In section is coming along, added a few Basic and Add-in games, the Translation section, and updated the main page.
May 23,2002 Fixed a few bugs in the page programming. Started work on a new BASIC game called Lydonia, I have big plans for this one so stay tuned for more. Click Here to see some info on it.
June 18,2002 I'm back everyone, been on vacation and I didnt have the time or equipment to do anything to the site, I'm planning a major update that will go up in the next few days, so check back soon.
July 16,2002 Ok, I've been gathering up all my resorces on Casio games and programs and now all I've got to do is put it up on the site. A few more days and It should be updated.
July 19,2002 Major update to the links section and the submit links section. Also make shure to look at the at the FX2 Hacking page for a new bug.
July 20,2002 Sorry, but no more updates for a few days, I'll resume work on the 25th or 26th.
August 16,2002 Wow, school is starting up again and I havent had much time to do updates. However check out the new version of Platnum Edition.
August 16,2002 In the process of adding the new Platinum Edition I decided to make shure that all of my links worked, to my supprise there were quite a few that did not. Now you should be able to access all links on my page but if someone finds one I missed please E-mail me.
August 31,2002 Day one of my massive update, the Lydonia page has been updated to show all the data for the new Lydonia program, All other pages are either updated or in the process of being updated.
September 4, 2002 Day two of my massive update, The FX Hacking page has been updated.
January 29, 2003 Yikes its been a long time, here is my plan for the next few weeks:
first I plan to remove the ratings for the games and replace them with screenshots.
second I plan to update the links page.
third I will fully update the the Add-in games and programs.
fourth I will upload some new BASIC programs and games.
Febuary 19, 2003 A few things updated. more planed in the next few days.
Translation problems (mostly) fixed.